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Koala Conservation

Queensland Koala Society (QKS) is a not for profit volunteer organisation that provides prompt FREE  24/7 rescue service for the survival of our favourite Aussie icon, the koala.

QKS is committed to conserving koala populations for future generations, to promote the preservation of the environment and contribute to Australia’s biodiversity within the south east Queensland region.



We rely on the general community to call our rescue hotline for sick, injured, displaced or orphaned koalas.

Our highly skilled and expert rescuers volunteer themselves to pick up these animals with their rescue vehicles and transport them to the closest wildlife hospital so that they can receive the medical treatment they need as soon as possible. We are proud to have rescued hundreds of koalas.

WE RESCUE koalas

What We Do



Educate the community on the importance of koala awareness, habit and health and issues that may affect them.


Rescue injured, sick, orphaned or displaced koalas quickly and safely for immediate treatment and rehabilitation.


Rehabilitate orphaned, sick or injured koalas and return them to their natural habitat as quickly as possible.


Engage local government and state wildlife authority to promote the preservation and restoration of habitat.

$50 Saves a Life

Make a donation to Queensland Koala Society to help us continue supporting the welfare of native koalas in our region. $50 will help provide rescue travel, bandages and medicine, petrol for food collection and prepare a koala to be released back into the wild. 

Donate Any Amount

All donations are welcome no matter the size, as every bit counts. Whether you donate a monthly  amount, a small amount or a larger amount, Queensland Koala Society thanks you for your ongoing support to help our native koalas in need.